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Celebrating the 205th Birthday of the Baby Darwin

February 12, 2014

World Headline News Tradition:  Celebrating the Birth of Charles Darwin.  Editor Ned Ander-Thal bears a striking resemblance to Darwin.

© Mark Scott

World Headline News Tradition:  In depth political reporting.

© Mark Scott

A major story reported by World Headline News in 1994 was the secret surgery on Nancy Kerrigan’s leg following the fowl attack that injured her landing leg prior to the 1994 Olympics.  

Surgery was conducted at the Colonel Sanders Orthopedic Hospital located in Louisville, Kentucky.

© Mark Scott

From 1993-2001  The WHN was headquartered  in Albany, NY (Albania) where Editor Ned Ander-Thal was a member of the Faculty of Shrimp Pathology.

© Mark Scott

1994 Olympics


Fowl Injury Repaired

Princess Di:  Royal sponsor of the WHN from its founding in 1993 to her untimely death in 1997.  Bob the Wonder Dog was particularly upset by her death.

© Mark Scott

The WHN Science Section:  Part of the WHN mission is to bring cutting edge science findings to its readers.  We are proud to say that many of our articles have been focused on meeting this mission.

© Mark Scott



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