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Satire Since 1993

Exclusive to the World Headline News

January 8, 2021   •   Issue 147

The Trump Putsch - Insurrection 2021


"And there’s nothing wrong with saying, you know, um, that you’ve recalculated....   ....I just want [you] to find 11,780 votes."  "“There’s no way I lost Georgia. There’s no way. We won by hundreds of thousands of votes.”

• Trump Tells Georgia Secretary of State to FIND 11,780 Trump Votes So as to Win the State

(Despite two recounts re-confirming Biden's Win)

Using the Secret Plans from 'Hitler Beer Hall Putsch', tRump Exhorts Followers To Seize The Presidency For Him

July 22, 2016

WHN EXCLUSIVE: Based on the knowledge gained from "Insurrections for Dummies", Mr. Trump increased production of Cult-45 Malt Liquor in order to fuel the 'courage' needed to incite the 'patriotic actions' of the assembled Trump's supporters. Per Mr. Hitler's book, "An insurrection without 'courage' [Beer] is like a day without sunshine. I mean they have to be drunk to believe me and then to do these things."   World Headline News © 2021 Ned Ander-Thal.

* “Accuse the other side of that which you are guilty.”

Joseph Goebbels

Possibly derived from this Actual Quote:

"The cleverest trick used in propaganda against Germany during the war was to accuse Germany of what our enemies themselves were doing." Joseph Goebbels; Nuremberg Rally — 1934

But how do you manage a successful 'putsch' (i.e., insurrection; a violent attempt to overthrow a government). This was the question first asked by Mr. Trump while eating his favorite breakfast cereal - Coup Coup Puffs; while he is cuckoo in general, he is really 'cuckoo for Coup Coup Puffs'. Fortunately, for Mr. Trump, the prize inside of Coup Coup Puffs was the abridged English version of Germany's best selling book of 1925-1945: Mein Kampf: Insurrection for Dummies. While by all accounts, Mr. Trump is not studious by nature, this book grabbed his attention [EDITOR: see our earlier story on other things that Mr. Trump has grabbed]. Indeed, senior White House staffers state that they had never seen Mr. Trump so engrossed in reading: "Outside of the back panel of Coup Coup Puffs, they have the great maze games he likes to complete with his Sharpie®, I've never seen him spend so much time on a subject. Just look at his intensity in Ned's photo!"

When asked by the WHN about his background research, Mr. Trump stated, "Hey that Adolf guy was really on to something.  I must have read 20 pages - more than I've ever read before - it's all about how he tried to take over Bavaria following a rally at a Munich beer hall. 'Hell', I said to myself, 'I hold rallies all the time and I have Trump Cult 45 Malt Liquor! 'So, I said, let's hold a rally on January 6 while the traitors in the Capital count the votes to elect Biden... and wham! an insurrection was born."

WHN EXCLUSIVE: The Firehose of Disinformation arising from Mr. Trump's legal team have set off alarms throughout the nation. The internets Bullshit Meter has been at peak levels since the November election.  According to experts, continued flow at this high level may overwhelm the constitutional dam protecting democracy. World Headline News © 2021 Ned Ander-Thal.

SUCCESS! Rally, Cult-45, and Courage: the stage was set. On January 6, 2021 at noon, Mr. Trump triggered the insurrection by sending a few thousand Trumpists and Q-ists [EDITOR: are they different?] to the Capital building to stop the electoral counts and prevent Biden from being named the 46th* President of the United States!

Coup-fefe 2021  had began!

WHN EXCLUSIVE: Not only is Mr. Trump a consumer of Coup Coup Puffs, he is now the public face of Coup Coup Puffs!.   World Headline News © 2021 Ned Ander-Thal.

WHN EXCLUSIVE: Per Mr. Trump, "...that Adolf guy was really on to something - it's all about how he tried to take over Bavaria following a rally at a Munich beer hall!"  World Headline News © 2021 Ned Ander-Thal.

However, much like Munich in November of 1923, a few hours after it started Coup-fefe 2021 collapsed; though unlike 1923 most of the insurrections have yet to be arrested much less convicted and jailed. The individuals ultimately responsible, the Trumps, Giuliani, Cruz and others will likely escape prosecution.

Indeed Mr. Trump, and his ilk, may NOT have lost in the long run. Mr. Hitler, despite being convicted of insurrection in 1924, was released only 9 months later to start his climb to ultimately becoming the leader of Germany.  Mr. Trump too, is hoping that in 2024 he may once again rise to reside in the White House. America needs to learn from Germany's history, authoritarian leaders are poisonous and the antithesis of democracy and WILL destroy a nation.

NOT ME!* Indeed, within 24 hours of the insurrection, Mr. Trump and other right wing politicians and media are claiming that they and their followers are not to blame. These groups are already claiming that anti-facists (Antifa) were the ones actually attacking the capital - not Trumpists and other right wing zealots. They make up 'alternative facts' to support these baseless claims and, even once debunked or removed over threats of lawsuits, they continue to mislead their followers.  While some former supporters have turned on Mr. Trump, many still continue down the same ruinous path feeding lies and disinformation to their followers. Q is alive and well.

America has been forewarned, just like Germany, that totalitarianism is alive and well and just looking for its next opportunity to take control. Democracy is fragile and truth matters.

Trump's Insurrection is Only Part of the Story

• Pushes Republicans to Actively LIE about the integrity of the 2020 Election

Here, drink my Kool-Aid!

Almost Washington State (WHN) January 8, 2021. Following months of disinformation and outright lies from the President, Rudy Giuliani and Trumpist Republicans, Mr. Trump actively incited the attendees of his January 6 D.C. rally to march on the U.S. Capitol as Congress commenced with the formal certification of the election of President-Elect Joe Biden. The march proceeded after Mr. Trump, Mr. Giuliani and other incited the crowd via cries of "Let’s have trial by combat", "show strength", "fight like hell", and "You will never take back freedom with weakness!". But how to show strength and prevent the election of Mr. Biden. There was only ONE answer: INSURRECTION!

* Unless Trump resigns and Pence becomes the 46th President for a few day then Biden becomes the 47th President.

NOT ME: the evil villain from Family Circus


Ivanka: "Restoring sanity to the Oval Office one syringe full at a time!"

According to reports, Ivanka was the only person who could talk "The Donald" down from further exacerbating the situation....

Clearly our March 26, 2017 Exclusive

foreshadowed this weeks events.

Hey Mike, 25th Amendment Time?