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Satire Since 1993

Almost Washington State (WHN) January 20, 2022.  Unknown to many, on December 12, 1952, the Chalk River NRX (National Research Experimental) 30 megawatt (MW) nuclear reactor located near Ottawa, Ontario Canada suffered a partial meltdown due to a defect in the shut-off rod mechanism, combined with the human errors. These events caused a loss of control over the reactor resulting in its power output to surge to between 60 and 90 MW. While the design of the reactor SHOULD have been able to handle this surge, several experimental fuel rods were in use at the time and these received inadequate cooling and subsequently ruptured and melted. An atmospheric release occurred consequent to multiple hydrogen explosions and millions of liters of radioactive water was released into the reactor building's basement - which was then pumped out into shallow ditches near the Ottawa River. The meltdown threatened to escalate into a critical nuclear accident threatening the inhabitants of the Ottawa region.

WHN EXCLUSIVE: A young, HOT, Jimmy Carter saved the proverbial Canadian Bacon in 1952! Carter stated that his urine tested radioactive for 6 months after the cleanup concluded.  Is that why he glows in the dark? World Headline News © 2022 Ned Ander-Thal.

Biden's Achilles: 'Democrats'

January 17, 2022   •   Issue 161

Netflix Announces Season 3 of 2020!

This Week In  

Vaccines are “RNA-Modifying Transhumanism-Nano-Technology”

Contaminated by Alien Creatures,

and Deadly Human Parasites!

Dr. Carrie Madej, a non-practicing osteopathic physician in Georgia, has blown the roof off the covid vaccines being peddled to the unsuspecting citizens of America, nay, the WORLD! Fresh off her appearances on the InfoWARS show (and other 'alternative' news programs) exposing the horrible secrets of the COVID Vaccines. Among her startling 'scientific' findings are that the vaccines are 'RNA-modifying, transhumanism-nano-technology' that are further contaminated with 'alien embryos' and 'nano-computers'.

When confronted by Dr. Madej's evidence, noted mainstream scientist, and WHN infectious disease expert, Dr. Ned Ander-Thal has was shocked: "My god, how did she discover our nefarious worldwide plan? It had to be Bill Gates... dam-it, he insisted that we use Windows XP on the nano-computer chips... and you know how that operating system plays with viruses. The only thing she got wrong were the Alien embryos.  We actually used simple pluripotent stem cells from illegal aliens from Mexico - thank god the wall didn't get built. Based on Mike Lindell's claims about illegal voters, we mainstream scientists figured out that if we injected people with illegal alien cells everyone would become illegal! And as 'The Donald' says, illegals always vote Democratic! Pure genius on the part of our our cabal of pizza and baby eating scientists! I only hope that they don't figure out that President 'Joe Biden' is actually Hillary Clinton in drag... the real Joe was too busy in China grifting billions of dollars to be President."



The Day Future

President Jimmy Carter


(ok, Ottawa, Ontario Canada)

Canada called upon the U.S. to help clean up the site. A 28 year old U.S. Naval Lieutenant James (Jimmy) Earl Carter, a trained nuclear engineer, was tasked to lead the 150 member U.S. team for the clean up operation. The repair the reactor necessitated lowering team members (including Carter) into the actual radioactive core.  Because of the intensity of the radiation, Carter and each member of his team could only spend about 90 seconds at the core location. Because of this, the team constructed an exact replica of the reactor on a nearby tennis court on which Carter and his men practiced cleaning and repairing the damaged reactor. When the team was ready, men were lowered into the reactor and removed as many bolts, or did other repairs, as possible within their 90 seconds work window. To keep track of the operation, the same procedures were done on the replica tennis court reactor. The NRX's heavily damaged reactor core and calandria were removed and buried, and improved replacements were installed. Of medical note, the allowable radiation absorption limit in the early 1950s was approximately one thousand times higher than it is today. Carter stated that his urine was still testing as radioactive six months after the clean up operation, and that it affected his health for the rest of his life.

The rebuilt NRX reactor was back in service within two years of the meltdown. It was permanently shut down in March 1993.

Jimmy Carter


An INCREASING  Appreciation of

President Carter?

Many historians are beginning to give significant credit to the Carter legacy. Post Nixon, Carter restored honesty and dignity to the White House and achieved 'peace' (at least less overt warfare) in the Middle East. He did however also have failures:  the Nixon/Ford economic stagflation that he inherited continued and he was unable to solve the Iran hostage situation; thought the later was aggravated by backdoor dealings by Candidate Reagan that has since come to light over the past decades. Once in office, Reagan subsequently blamed everything on Carter, including  the severe 1981-82 recession (then the worst since 1929) that most economists blame on Reagan's tight, anti-inflation, monetary policies. Post presidency, Carter has focused his efforts on humanitarian projects and election integrity and voter rights in at risk democracies. It is also worth saying that Carter has received a 'bump' in popularity thanks to the Presidencies of George W. Bush and, especially, Donald Trump....

*THE FILIBUSTER EXPLAINED: the filibuster is a Senate tactic employed by opponents of a proposed law to prevent the measure's final passage. The filibuster was accidentally introduced into U.S. Senate rules as an unintended side effect of an 1806 rule change which eliminated the ability to end debate in the Senate by a simple majority vote. Thus, the minority could extend debate on a bill indefinitely by holding the floor of the Senate, preventing the bill from coming to a vote. Of some note, the filibuster was used relatively rarely until the civil rights era. Historically, a filibuster would last only as long as the opposition continued to actively argue the matter at hand in the Senate Chamber; hence, filibusters were inherently limited based on the ability of the politicians to actively argue their case [The LONGEST recorded filibuster under this model was 24 hours and 18 minutes].  

But that is no longer the case. In the 1970s, the Senate adopted a "two-track" system. The intent of this rule change was to prevent filibusters from completely blocking the Senate ability to conduct other business (due to the filibuster speeches within the Senate chamber). Under the NEW rules, legislation could be blocked simply by SUBMITTING a written notice of an INTENT to filibuster. Thus, this rule change inadvertently introduced the need for a supermajority (60 Senators) to bring closure [Cloture] to the 'Notice of Filibuster'. Consequently, it has become possible for the Senate minority to filibuster legislation without having to physically hold the floor of the Senate. Since the 1970s rules were adopted, some exemptions to the ability to filibuster have been adopted via the so-called "NUCLEAR OPTION"; a parliamentary procedure that allows the Senate to override one of its standing rules, including the 60-vote threshold to close debate, by a simple majority vote (≥ 51 votes).

The Democrats stated that they would use the "NUCLEAR OPTION" to pass the Voting Rights Act, but because of their slim majority (50 Senators and the Vice president = 51 votes) they require all Democratic Senators to vote for exempting the legislature from CLOTURE. Senators Sinema and Manchin refuse to do so citing the so called "Long Tradition of the Filibuster" - a system that has been in place only since the 1970s. Using the TRULY HISTORIC VERSION of the Filibuster, the debate and vote on the Voting Rights Act would have been held weeks ago and likely passed.  Strangely, preserving the filibuster by reverting to the original filibuster rules has also been rejected by Senators Sinema and Manchin.

Also bear in mind, that the Republicans effectively utilized the "NUCLEAR OPTION" to approve THREE Supreme Court Justices - a move that allowed the Republicans to appoint justices based heavily on political ideology (resulting in further politicized the judicial branch).

Deliberate: to throughly discuss and debate the pros and cons of a topic in order to reach a reasoned decision.



The 'World's Greatest Deliberative Body' Fails to Deliberate (or vote)

Almost Washington State (WHN) January 18, 2022. In a major defeat for the Biden Administration,  'Democratic' (?REALLY?) Senators Sinema and Manchin (less than affectionately known as 'The Twins'; Star Wars Boba Fete reference) exerted their clearly overweight power over the U.S. Senate by upholding the Republican FILIBUSTER* of the Voting Rights Act. The Voting Rights Act was drafted to counter the overt disenfranchisement of voters and/or impediment of voters ability to actually vote (via drop-off, absentee, and mail-in votes) in Republican controlled states. The lack of clear federal regulation regarding voting has allowed individual states to enact measures that ultimately restrict the ability of people, especially the poor, to vote. Many of these laws bear more than a passing resemblance to post Civil War "Jim Crow" laws passed to reduce the voting power of black citizens in southern U.S. states.

WHN EXCLUSIVE: The "Hutt Twins" being paraded into the U.S. Senate chambers. As shown, they are clearly being supported by the Republican Senators.World Headline News © 2022 Ned Ander-Thal.


To convince Republicans not to get vaccinated and then DEPOPULATE the Republican base! More than 86% of Democrats are vaccinated versus only 60% of Republicans. Statistics show that ~95% of COVID deaths are in the unvaccinated and the U.S. is currently averaging ~1,800 deaths per day - with the highest death counts in rural areas that Trump won.

Trump lost Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin and Nevada by ~10,000, 12,000, 21,000 and 33,000 votes, respectively. Each of these states are experiencing roughly 60, 36, 34 and 14 deaths per day, respectively - 95% of whom are unvaccinated and ~60%+ reside in rural areas (i.e., likely 'Trump voters').

Hence every 100 days Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin and Nevada lose 6,000, 3,600, 2,400 and 1,400 (respectively) potential voters which skew primarily towards 'Trump voters'. Thus, the vaccine hesitancy of 'Trump voters' is mathematically improving the Democrats chances in future elections in these battleground states. Thank you "Q".

Netflix has announced season 3 of the surprise hit show 2020! Starring a cast of billions, this worldwide hit has paralyzed audiences and glued them to the TV night after night after night....

Will season 3 be a hit? WHN TV Critic Ned Ander-Thal was given an exclusive sneak peek. Mr. Ander-Thal was, however, less than impressed stating: "This season is ruined by it's repetitive plot lines and the utter pandemonium of its pace and production quality. Honestly, Season 3 is hard to tell from Seasons 1 and 2. Frankly, I'm tired of the show. Time for something new."

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