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Exclusive to the World Headline News

October 18, 2020   •   Issue 140

Final Countdown?



Trump: The American Mussolini


"It's both my Halloween costume and the suit for MY January 2021 Coronation !"

Almost Washington State (WHN) October 18, 2020. With the final countdown to the US election here, the American people, nay, the world, awaits the outcome of the November 3 election. As the countdown on American Democracy began, Donald J. Trumpe (affectionately know as Il Trumpe),  channeling his true inner self, spoke to the masses from the balcony of the White House; accompanied, thanks to dexamethasone-induced delusions, by Benito Mussolini, one of Mr. Trump's  personal heroes.

After his rant, er, speech, Il Trumpe told the WHN "It was great, did you see how proud Benito was of me? He did so much to Italy, I can only hope that in my second term I can meet his high standards... I mean, look at Italy - after 1945 they did HUGE infrastructure projects and 'Made Italy Great Again'. I'd like to think that in 2025, after my second term, but before my THIRD term, America will also have a chance to rebuild. If I only have one term, there will be so much less to rebuild....  I only wish Adolf, who drove the rebuilding of Germany, and my French-Canadian BFF Vlad M.R. Poutine, could have attended as well. I'm Positive that they would have approved..."

"One of my three chins looks just like Benito's!"

WHN EXCLUSIVE: Braving exposure to COVID, WHN Reporter Ned Ander-Thal captured Il Trumpe addressing the crowd from the balcony of the White* House - a purely political feat that no past President ever envisioned or attempted to do. World Headline News © 2020 Ned Ander-Thal.


Blue Wave VOTE


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Use On or BEFORE November 3, 2020

Made In The USA !

YES! Think about that....

March 9: 22 Deaths    October 18: 220,000+ Deaths


or is that a "Threat"?


Kamala Harris: "He truly is the fly whisperer!"

"Orange Stains"



"Some people refer to The President and Me as 'The Terminators'!"

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The Inner Trump Emerges

WHN EXCLUSIVE: Vice President Mike Pence onstage at the October 7, 2020 Vice Presidential Debate. Also captured in the photo was renowned Republican strategist Freddie-The-Fly who appeared on stage with the Vice President for a little over 2 minutes.  The Biden-Harris Campaign claim that Mr. Pence received coaching from Freddie and would like to thank him profusely.  World Headline News © 2020 Ned Ander-Thal.

Almost Washington State (WHN) October 18, 2020. Following the VP Debate, WHN Reporter Ned Ander-Thal had the opportunity to briefly talk with Mr. Pence. When asked if Mr. Trump respected him, Mr. Pence stated, "I command the respect and loyalty of even, and maybe only, the lowliest of God's creatures - so yes, Mr. Trump respects me... as does Freddie. These lowly creatures, whisper into my ears God's commands. God, and his boss Il Trumpe, command what I tell you. And I tell you that we care for you and, despite our 4 year attempt to take away your healthcare, we will pray for you and you will be in our thoughts as you enter bankruptcy due to your medical care arising from the mismanagement of the coronavirus pandemic - which according to my dear friend and advisor, Freddie-the-Fly, was caused by Democrats, Antifa, George Soros, the Deep State, Anthony Fauci, and 5G cell phones - everybody/everything but us. Thoughts and prayers to America... because, if we get 4 more years, you will need them."