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Satire Since 1993

Photos by 'Ned Ander-Thal'

World Headline News Exclusive Galley Presentation

My Neighborhood Butcher - Peace Corp

“Goat and Sheep Steak is Our Specialty”

1979 - Dakoro, Niger

© Mark Scott

My Neighborhood - Peace Corp 1979

“Dakoro, Niger from the air”

2014 - Google Earth Screen Capture

© Google Earth

The Invasion of China - American Imperialism


2012 - Chengdu, China

© Mark Scott

Backyard Visitors - Home Life in Canada

“Eagle poop is hard to clean...”

2011 - Surrey, BC Canada

© Mark Scott

Custom Interior Designs By Link®

“I think the throw pillow should go there, there, there, there and there...  and maybe a bit there...”

2011 - Surrey, BC Canada

© Mark Scott

Oski - Highly Trained and Sophisticated Watchdog

“You can have the Gordon’s, but don’t touch the Hendricks...”

2012 - Surrey, BC Canada

© Mark Scott

Good Dog

Bad Dog

Bonifacio, Corsica

“Defensive Engineering with a view.”

1989 - Bonifacio, Corsica

© Mark Scott

Roman Aqueduct

“Engineering marvel”

1999 - Israel

© Mark Scott

Winter Backpacking in the Upper Peninsula - Michigan

“The huddled masses”

1977 - Government Peak, Michigan

© Mark Scott

Dormitory Doorknob

“Both a gateway and impediment to knowledge”

1975 - Gunnison, CO

© Mark Scott

2006 - Margerie Glacier PanoramaGlacier Bay National Park and Preserve, Alaska, United States.

© Mark Scott

Bob loved to be vacuumed and would insist upon it every time we cleaned the house

And now for something special:

Bob The Wonder Dog


Movie by:  Jeffry Scott

In Memory of:

Oski (CKC:Royal Oski Vom Canisphere)

2005 - 2015

In Memory of:

Link (AKC: A'Link du Tuller Rett)

2011 - 2022



Cooper (CKC: Golden Dream)

2022 - Infinity and Beyond (we hope!)