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Satire Since 1993

Democracy's Fall -  if it ain't broke, break it!

WHN EXCLUSIVE: The GQP is cheering as Russians fleeing to Georgia!  Rumors within the alt-right community claim that these patriotic Russian citizens were flown to Georgia by Putin in time to vote for Herschel Walker in the November 2022 elections. Putin was said to be inspired by Gov. Ron DeSantis of 'Flora-DUH!' who flew illegal migrant from Texas (not Flora-DUH!) to Martha's Vineyard in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Mr. Donald Trump, private citizen, stated, "Putin's plan sounds great to me! After all, Democrats want to let everybody vote... even Eric.... ok, maybe not Eric..."  © 2022 Ned Ander-Thal, World Headline News

The Mar-a-Lardo RAID

TRUMP: "It was all about Hillary!"

Almost Washington State (WHN) October 14, 2022. Partime Flora-DUH! resident Donald tRump has continued to claim that the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lardo was not what many believe. "How could the FBI even think about raiding the Presidents personal residence.... I had no documents.... hell, I can't even read!"

So what was the "TRUTH" behind the raid per Mr. Trump? The FBI was searching for the missing

2016 Hillary Clinton emails!!

October 14, 2022   •   Issue 168

"Death solves all problems; no man, no problem."

Josef Stalin


Tucker Carlson:

America MUST Ban A Woman's Access to Abortion

"Are there NO workhouses needing child labor?"

"The America I loved had no abortion. A woman's sole patriotic duty was to bear the next generation. Excess children were, by age 7, put to work in the mines, fields and factories! This act of humanity allowed these useless waifs to live productive lives ... at least productive by the criteria of the typical white male owners, er, QUALIFIED VOTER. Let's reverse America's decline in 2022 and 2024 and restore women to their rightful role in civilization! Unlike the left who chant 'Burn Baby Burn!' let us scream 'Birth Baby Birth!' because there are labor shortages in our workhouses..."

"My husband says that I agree with Tucker"

Justice Amy Coney Barret

Almost Washington State (WHN) October 14, 2022. The German Weimar Republic formed after World War I was under constant attack from the "BIG LIE" ; the Right Wing Fascist claim that the Republic was illegitimate because it owed its genesis to a “stab in the back” of the German army and Kaiser by a cabal of “November criminals”—Jews, Marxists, democrats, and internationalists— forcing Germany to sign the Treaty of Versailles. The un-German, and illegitimate, Republic was imposed an on the country by these traitors and the foreign powers. According to this  "BIG LIE", the German army had not been defeated on the battlefield in 1918 (When in fact General Erich Ludendorff’s 1918 spring offensive was a gamble that ended in military disaster).

The entire German right, including Hitler and the Nazis, latched on to this BIG LIE and promoted it. Two factors distinguished Hitler from the rest of the German right. First was his self-awareness and cool calculation in deploying the "BIG LIE". In Mein Kampf, published in 1925–26, Hitler explained that “the masses … more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a little one,” and that even a propaganda claim “so impudent that people thought it insane” could ultimately prevail. Essential to the “stab in the back” conspiracy theory’s effectiveness were a simple appeal to the emotions, not the intellect, and its endless repetition without any concession to overwhelming contrary evidence. Commitment to the "BIG LIE", Hitler realized, had to be total and uncompromising.

These are the lessons that Trump has learned and implement following his defeat in the 2020 election. Trump has applied this same BIG LIE approach to his two impeachments, January 6, and his theft of Government documents.

Almost Washington State (WHN) October 14, 2022. Despite the long history of celebrating Columbus Day in the United States, recent efforts to demote this Federal holiday to 'just another Monday' have been gathering steam amongst some Americans.  However, the majority of Americans do not want to lose a precious Monday semi-holiday. Not wanting to appear to support the enslavement and genocide of the indigenous Americans by Columbus and subsequent waves of European migrations (invasions?), many people support the concept of converting 'Columbus Day' to 'Indigenous American Day' to honor the Native Americans who had, surprisingly to some, already 'discovered' the continent.  But is this move to rebrand this Monday holiday driven by the merits underlaying the concept of 'Indigenous American Day'? According to recently uncovered documents by the noted historian Dr. Ned Ander-Thal of the Society of Historial International Terrorism; the S.H.I.T. Institute, the real push to rebrand Columbus Day is coming from an unlikely source: DENMARK!


A HOLIDAY THAT LIVES IN INFAMY and is based on an historically dubious foundation...

BUT Is Known As Thanksgiving Day In Canada....


1920 & 2020

PART 2 of the WHN's "How To Kill Democracy" Series

WHN EXCLUSIVE: Sequel to Lesson 1: Vilify and destroy the free press. Issue 108 (August 25, 2018). © 2022 Ned Ander-Thal, World Headline News

“I would say there’s a very good chance that a lot of those documents [EDITOR: classified missing White House documents] will never be seen again,” Trump stated before pivoting to what some may call magical thinking about the reason for the “raid.” “There’s also a lot of speculation, because of what they did, the severity of the FBI coming in, raiding Mar-a-Lago, were they looking for the Hillary Clinton emails that were deleted … but they are around someplace … were they looking for …”

Actual Trump Quotes: 21 Sept. 2022 The Sean Hannity Show on Fox News.

As Dr. Ander-Thal's research notes, archeological evidence strongly supports the finding that the VIKING Leif Erikson and his crew were the first Europeans to land on and subsequently settle Vinland (circa 1000 C.E.) in what is now Newfoundland, Canada. Mr. Erikson's discovery occurred about 500 years BEFORE Mr. Columbus reached the islands of the West Indies.  Because the Icelandic, and later Greenland, Vikings of that era were 'ruled' by the Danish crown, Denmark has both a logical and LEGAL claim to much of North America! Though Norway and Sweden may also lay claim to the Viking discovery.... but that will be another war.

Upon this discovery, Denmark has conducted a subtle social media campaign over the last five decades to denigrate the Mr. Columbus's claim to further strengthen the Danes LEGAL claim to much of the North American continent. Queen Margrethe II of Denmark has been secretly leading this campaign since her accession to the Throne of Denmark on January 14, 1972. Angered by the worlds disregard of Denmark as a European power (Greenland remains the largest 'colony' held by any European country), the Queen, as the Commander-in-Chief of the Danish military, has been planning for an invasion of Eastern Canada from Greenland to re-assert the Danish Crowns claims to, at the very least, most of eastern Canada (with the exception of except Quebec which France secretly still maintains claims to). The S.H.I.T. Institute's military analysts predict that the impending Danish invasion may dwarf the Russian assault on Ukraine but will likely be much more successful than the Russian 'special military operation' because "who doesn't like a good Danish?".

HISTORICAL ODDITY: Surprisingly, the Viking discovery of what would become Canada underlies Canadian Thanksgiving.  According to Dr. Ned Ander-Thal's S.H.I.T. Report, early British Imperial and later Canadian governments, still  hurting by the rebellion in the lower colonies and the early American invasions of Canada, refused to adopt the American Thanksgiving holiday (4th Thursday of every November) and instead adopted the 2nd Monday of October as  "Anti-American Appreciation Day", this became colloquially know as, 'Thank God I'm Not American Day' which was eventually shortened to 'Canadian Thanksgiving Day'.  

"Now, You Know the Rest of the Story".  R.I.P. Paul Harvey (1918-2009)

WHN EXCLUSIVE: Queen Margrethe II of Denmark inspects her fearsome "AWE Troops" prior to the invasion of Newfoundland from Greenland.  These maniacal forces are named the "AWE" troops because when first seen, the enemy say, "Aw, aren't they AWEsome, I'm in awe of their spiffy uniforms!". However, the Danish Queen, now the longest serving European monarch, may have miscalculated the Canadians. As noted in our exclusive photo, the 'AWE' troops are wearing bear skin hats and may be easy targets of the often drunk Canadian Sport Bear hunters prevalent in parts of Canada. "Is that a bear? AWEsome, give my gun and another beer, cool one, eh!"  Other (anglophile) Canadians were heard politely chanting, "The Queen is dead, kill the false Queen, LONG LIVE THE KING!"   © 2022 Ned Ander-Thal, World Headline News

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